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Free spirit

Before giving a purposefully feminine touch to the Laguiole knife collection, Andrée Putman was a pianist just like her mother

At the age of nineteen, she received the First Harmony Prize of the Conservatory in Paris. An iconoclast by nature, Andrée started working as a messenger for Femina magazine and discovered a world of social theatre. At the end of the 1950s she worked with Giacometti, Alechinsky and others. Her love for unconventional people strengthened. In 1958,Putman collaborated with the retail chain Prisunic as Art Director of the Home Department, where her motto was to ‘design beautiful things for nothing’.  In 1968, she worked for the style-agency Mafia until Didier Grumbach spotted her in 1971 and hired her to start a new company which was aimed at developing the textile industry: Créateurs & Industriels, where she paved the way for talented fashion designers such as Issey Miyake. In 1978 she created her own company called Standard that specializes in design and reissuing of 1930s furniture. In 1984 she transformed the Morgans Hotel in New York and designed boutique interiors for names like Karl Lagerfeld and Balenciaga. Because of her success she opens her ‘Andrée Putman’ studio to devote herself to interior design and scenography. Major brands such as Veuve Clicquot and Louis Vuitton seek her out. Bertrand Delanoë , Mayor of Paris made her president of the first Design Comity of Paris and that same year, she presented Voie Lactée (Milky Way), the grand piano she designed for France’s oldest piano manufacturer Pleyel. One year later, FORGE DE LAGUIOLE asked her to design a pocket knife which resulted in a wonderful pocket knife inspired by the Laguiole of the 1820s.