Designer collection

Philippe STARCK

Multi-awarded designer

The son of an aeronautics engineer, Starck likes to cut, paste and create objects. He created the company Starck Product and became one of the most famous contemporary French designers in the world. And for a good reason: Philippe Starck is at home in all areas of design from furniture design to interior design, from creating everyday objects to clothes, hygiene products or windmills. This expertise has won him various awards the world over including the ‘Grand Prix du Design Industriel.’  His work has been displayed at museums in New York, Munich, London, Chicago, Kyoto, Barcelona and Paris. Among the most significant of his fruitful career creations are the renovation of the private apartments of President François Mitterrand at the Elysée, the extension of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris , the Baccarat house in Moscow, the creation of knives at FORGE DE LAGUIOLE  and the renovation of boutique hotel Hudson in New York as well as the design of Paris’ Hotel Costes. Note that Philippe Starck is the first designer to create a knife for FORGE DE LAGUIOLE ‘s ‘Designer Collection.’