Table Knives

Dishwasher safe range


Ash tree, stainless steel bolsters, shiny finish

These laguiole table knives are made of solid ash. They are especially designed for daily use and can be dish washed.

Design table knives by Christian Ghion

These design knives are handcrafted using traditional methods and this clean line is a creation of designer Christian Ghion.

Design table knives, meat and fish by C. Ghion for Gérald Passedat, shiny finish

Laguiole table knives with solid ash handle adapted for use in dishwasher and designed by Christian Ghion for Gérald Passedat.

Design table knives by Andrée Putman, matt finish

Laguiole table knives with solid ash handle (especially for dish washing) or handle in ebony. Designed by Andrée Putman.

Design table knife Monobloc MASSIF by Christian Ghion

Monobloc polished stainless steel table knives. Can be dish-washed. Designed by Christian Ghion.

Design table knives LOG by Philippe Starck, matt finish

Laguiole LOG table knives designed by Philippe Starck. They come in matte stainless steel with wood effect. This design is suitable for dish washing.

Design table knives SKEL Monobloc by C + B Lefebvre

Monobloc stainless steel knives. Can be dishwashed. Designed by Catherine et Bruno Lefebvre

Café BRAS table knife

Meet the “Café Bras”, a knife designed by André Bras, brother of famed restaurateur Michel Bras and La Forge de Laguiole for the “Café Bras” restaurant at the Soulages Museum in Rodez, Aveyron. 

This dishwasher-friendly Laguiole knife is an ode to both gastronomy and to the art of painting. 

Traditional table knife,black acrylic

Especially conceived for an everyday use, this range allies the elegance of the traditional Laguiole knife and the modernity thank to its black acrylic glass handle.

Sebastien Bras Puech du Suquet table knife by A+B Design

Inspired from the Capuchadou, first knife manufactured in the Aubrac area, this knife was created by the designers A+B for the "Puech du Suquet" Restaurant. This sober and elegant knife is a true link between the Aubrac plateau and the "cuisine" of Sébastien Bras.

Traditional table knife, compressed fabric

These knives were specially created for a daily use. They ally the traditional lines of the Laguiole knives and the modernity of "compressed fabric"? This new material is available in different colours.

Table knife capuchadou by André, Michel and Sébastien BRAS

This table knife is inspired by the capuchadou, ancestor of the Laguiole knife, a knife every child of the Aubrac region has heard of. These table knives are a reinterpretation of this ancient knife by André, Michel and Sébastien Bras.

Mont-Saint-Michel sand handle, tradition

Combining trandition and innovation, this knife is characterized by its sand handle. The sand is extracted from the Mont St Michel bay and agglomerated with a resin. This unique patented process made in collaboration with Murs du Monde. 

Laguiole river sand, stainless steel bolsters

Forge de Laguiole returns towards its origins with this table knife made from the sand of “La Selves” river.

The factory of the Aubrac plateau presents knives that may become legendary : Table knives whose handle are made from the sand of “La Selves” river.