Pocket knives

Collector Models

These true works of art come straight from the FORGE DE LAGUIOLE workshops. These Collector models also include knives with a hand chiseled bee.

These exceptional versions can be personalized by opting for a Damascus or Brut de Forge blade or a Double Platinum or Golden bee .


  • Hand Chiseled Bees

    The bees and spring decoration of these pocket knives are entirely hand chiseled with the help of a hammer and a file.

    These knife models can be personalized by choice of blade or the ‘double platinum’ option. Each model is unique and can be engraved with its owner’s name on request.


  • The Cutler Art Form

    This unique range of Laguiole pocket knives contains the most rare and the most remarkable pieces from our workshops.

    In tribute to the greatest cutlers that have marked the history of Laguiole, Virgilio Muñoz and Stéphane Rambaud have made these exceptional pieces.