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Michel et Sébastien BRAS

Michel Bras was born in Gabriac, in Aveyron, France, in 1946. He attended grammar school in Espalion, a stone’s throw from the family hotel and restaurant “Lou Mazuc”, in Laguiole. He was fascinated by both Aubrac and cuisine. Right out of school, his mother introduced him to local culinary traditions, and their collaboration continues.It was difficult to leave Laguiole, so Michel did not receive any external training, enter the ranks, or make the traditional Tour de France. Instead, Michel Bras taught himself, following his intuition.He studied culinary literature with a passion, taking inspiration from such great thinkers as Saint-Augustin, Lamartine, Saint-Exupéry, Ernest Renan and Francis Ponge, amongst others. He walked the trails, gathered, nibbled, pondered and mediated, and finally found his own culinary path.

His son, Sebastien, is a graduate of l’Ecole Hotelière, and completed internships with Bernachon, Guérard and Gagnaire before coming back to his native region. While his father jogs, Sebastien criss-crosses the plateau on his bike. He is deeply rooted here, as well. Since his childhood, he has played in its diverse parts, building dams in streams, observing flowers and animals, and breathing the space and liberty that make define this place.