Pocket knives

Traditional and designer models

FORGE DE LAGUIOLE®’s pocket knives are available in many different materials. The blades are forged in French steel and can have either a polished or matte finish.

Most traditional knives include a blade, spring and traditional bee. Alternative models include a corkscrew or spike. Handles are available with polished brass bolsters or stainless steel bolsters with matte or polished finish.

Various designers and architects have redesigned the traditional Laguiole knife and created elegant versions of the traditional knives.

It is possible to personalize your Laguiole knife and have your name or logo engraved on the blade.



  • Cow Horn

    Rich in shade and design varieties, cow horn has been used for most Laguiole knife handles since the nineteenth century.

    FORGE DE LAGUIOLE selects each cow horn especially so that the handle of the knife will be beautifully patterned. Black, blonde or marbled, the diversity of this material is highlighted with each knife.

  • Precious wood

    FORGE DE LAGUIOLE has selected a great variety of wood types for its knife handles. We use local wood when possible, certified by an environmental commission, such as juniper and boxwood. We also use exotic wood like ebony, amourette, and  Brazilian rosewood. We also offer other types of wood like olive and pistachio. Each wood species is caref...

  • Bone and deer antlers

    Bone was one of the first materials that was used for the handle of the Laguiole knives in the early 19th century.

  • Acrylic and Aluminum

    Pocket knives with a contemporary style made from modern materials.


  • Sand

    Combining trandition and innovation, this knife is characterized by its sand handle. The sand is extracted from the Mont St Michel bay or the Laguiole river named La Selves. Agglomerated with a resin, this unique patented process is made in collaboration with Murs du Monde

  • Vegetal fiber

    Forge de Laguiole use modern and responsible material to reinterprated the traditional Laguiole knife and gave to this knife a modern appearance with pure and elegant lines.