Pocket knives

The different knife models in this range of Laguiole pocket knives share a similarity in appearance to the Laguiole of 1900.

FORGE DE LAGUIOLE creates pocket knives with the finest quality materials available. These knives are renowned for their elegance and their flawless finish.You can choose between a traditional knife, a designer version or custom made pocket knife.


Pocket knives


  • Traditional and designer models

    FORGE DE LAGUIOLE®’s pocket knives are available in many different materials. The blades are forged in French steel and can have either a polished or matte finish.

    Most traditional knives include a blade, spring and traditional bee. Alternative models include a corkscrew or spike. Handles are available with polished brass bolsters or...

  • Collector Models

    These true works of art come straight from the FORGE DE LAGUIOLE workshops. These Collector models also include knives with a hand chiseled bee.

    These exceptional versions can be personalized by opting for a Damascus or Brut de Forge blade or a Double Platinum or Golden bee .

  • Special Series and Limited Editions

    FORGE DE LAGUIOLE offers special series and limited editions at times of special events or in partnership with other renowned brands that share common values.

  • Leather Cases and Sharpening Stones

    Especially designed for our knives, these cases are handcrafted in France and made from carefully selected leather. We also offer wood cases as well as sharpening stones to care for your knife.