Pocket knife Fanny Ardent by Christian Ghion


In homage to the most enigmatic mouth of French cinema

Christian Ghion created this pocket knife in lipstick shape.
Two ebony quadrilaterals, with intense black precious wood and two - cabochons as well as sterling silver bolsters, which crown the handle: that is the knife Christian Ghion designed with Fanny Ardent in mind..

This pocket knife, flat and short, has a steel spring which ends in a recessed front miter fly. It has a small triangular shape and evokes with sober allure, the bee, the emblem of Laguiole.

The blade is made from stainless steel and carries, front right, the artist's signature and on the left side, the Forge’s one.

Fanny Ardent will recognize herself in the subtle and intense look of the knife.


    • Laguiole table knives with solid ash handle (especially for dish washing) or handle in ebony. Designed by Andrée Putman.

    • Monobloc polished stainless steel table knives. Can be dish-washed. Designed by Christian Ghion.