Design table knife by C+B Lefebvre for Anne Sophie Pic , shiny finish

Design table knife by C+B Lefebvre for Anne Sophie Pic , shiny finish View full size


Table knife with ebony handle. Designed by C + B Lefebvre.

Chef Anne-Sophie Pic needed a table knife that would fulfill her needs and requirements for her culinary creations. This exclusive Laguiole knife was created for her.

No further introduction is required for Anne Sophie Pic and her savory and passionate cuisine. In 2007 Anne- Sophie Pic was the first women to be awarded the Michelin guide ‘Chef of the Year’ distinction. She lies at the origin of the creation of this Laguiole table knife. The knife is distinguished by a stainless steel blade with the slicing efficiency of a scalpel, an ebony handle to highlight the simple and fluid lines of the knife and a steel oval which suggests the traditional Laguiole symbol of the fly or the bee. With the Anne-Sophie Pic knife, FORGE DE LAGUIOLE created a table knife that is at once beautiful and refined as well as perfectly suited to be used in contemporary cuisine.

Table knife with ebony handle, shiny finish.

  • Total lenght 25,00 cm
  • Packaging 6
  • Egalement disponible en coffret de 2
    • These design knives are handcrafted using traditional methods and this clean line is a creation of designer Christian Ghion.

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