Design table knives SKEL Monobloc by C + B Lefebvre

Design table knives SKEL Monobloc by C + B Lefebvre View full size

This knife is made out of one bloc of stainless steel and has a simple and elegant form. The LAGUIOLE symbol of the bee is incorporated in the design. Made a from a single piece of steel which is mixture of carbon, molybdenum & vanadium, forged at 1080 degrees, the blade combines an exceptional cutting edge with unrivaled resistance to corrosion. The handle provides a particularly accurate grip. The SKEL steak knife required 7 forging operations and 20 finishing operations. This knife has been designed in collaboration with a French smith.  

Monobloc table knives in matte or polished stainless steel. Can be dishwashed.


  • Total lenght 23,50 cm
  • Packaging 6
    • Laguiole design table knife with ebony handle designed by C + B Lefebvre for Anne-Sophie Pic.

    • Laguiole LOG table knives designed by Philippe Starck. They come in matte stainless steel with wood effect. This design is suitable for dish washing.

    • Monobloc polished stainless steel table knives. Can be dish-washed. Designed by Christian Ghion.