The village of Laguiole in the Aubrac region of France

A paradise of granite and corbelled roofs amidst a sea of green and blue

Here the 1 200 inhabitants defend their cultural heritage and creativity with passion and enthusiasm

Village de Laguiole

Just around a bend lies a village: Laguiole, proudly built around the church of Saint-Matthieu. In just a few hundred yards, your car journey takes you from the green and blue of the Aubrac plateau - scattered with brown dots that are the cows of the same name - to a lively village centre where several shops sell gastronomic products made in the Aubrac region. These include the famous Laguiole knives and the Forge de Laguiole workshop, where both the shop and the manufacturing facility can be visited for free all year round. 

taureau de Laguiole en AubracFrom this oasis you can discover treasures such as the hospice, or the fresco in the chapel near the cattle market where you can admire the impressive Laguiole Bull. In winter, when the plateau is draped in white, the Laguiole-Bouyssou ski resort offers 14 runs equipped with 11 ski lifts. If you like cross-country skiing there are 50 km of paths, as well as a place for sledding and a track for hiking with snowshoes.  


A gastronomy that is both simple … and revisited

Walking round the village you can stop in any one of the restaurants that serve Laguiole pétites, Fromage et couteau de laguiole dishes of offal and veal, lamb and smoked ham simmered in a white wine and herb sauce. Pétites are served with an aligot, a local dish made of cheese and potatoes - a mouthwatering combination. 

To finish off your meal, don't forget to taste a fouace, a sweet brioche delicately scented with orange flower water.

Michel & Sébastien Bras, Michelin-starred chefs of Laguiole

Thanks to them, Laguiole and the Aubrac region
are as famous as the knives

Supported by a number of shopowners and artisans of Laguiole,
the village's gastronomy has made an international name for itself thanks to Michel Bras. A Michelin-starred chef, he has created a culinary universe where the flavours of the Aubrac plateau can be found, intact, in his dishes, from recipes acclaimed by restaurant critics and adored by customers. The continued success of his restaurant is now assured thanks to his son, Sébastien Bras.

Michel Bras and his brother André have designed a cheese knife produced exclusively by FORGE DE LAGUIOLE.