Design table knives by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, shiny finish

This Laguiole table knife of Studio Design W. combines pure and elegant lines with a stylized bee and neon bright colors. The design of the polished knife handle is realized in an exclusive material, Dacryl® , that meets the most rigorous quality criteria. This multicolored Laguiole knife is brightly colored revolution led by Jean-Michel Wilmotte within Forge de Laguiole.

Multicolored Laguiole table knives with acrylic glass handles, shiny finish.

Available in 10 different colors: red, pink, blue, green, lime green, purple, burgundy, gray, black and white.

  • Total lenght 23,00 cm
  • Packaging 6
  • Egalement disponible en coffret de 2
    • Laguiole table knives with handle made of acrylic glass, shiny finish. Designed by Eric Raffy.

    • Set of 6 table knives with aluminum handle, blade with polished or black finish.  Designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte for Cyril Lignac.

    • These knives were specially created for a daily use. They ally the traditional lines of the Laguiole knives and the modernity of