Table knife capuchadou by André, Michel and Sébastien BRAS

Table knife capuchadou by André, Michel and Sébastien BRAS View full size

The capuchadou was made by local toolmakers and described by 19 century scientist Armand-Alexis Monteil as having a ‘fixed blade’ with ‘a very short handle’ and often ‘carried in a pants pocket.’ They were used for everything;  from cutting wood to cutting bread. As a souvenir to those days and to pay homage to the region, Forge de Laguiole has created two variations of the capuchadou.

In reality, the story begins with a request by the famous French chefs Michel Bras and his son Sebastian. They want something different, a knife that carries within a spirit of the region.

The Forge de Laguiole cutler André BRAS responded immediately with a capuchadou, but one that is inspired by the 21st century.

That is how the capuchadous of André et Michel BRAS were made and designed especially for the most famous chefs of France.

One with a handle made of beech and a ‘brut de forge’ black blade, the other with a solid ash handle and a matte blade that can be dish-washed.

Table knife, handle in beech or solid ash (can be dish-washed), brass ring, stainless steel  ‘brut de forge’ blade (for the one with a beech handle), T12 stainless steel blade (for the one with a solid ash handle.)


  • Total lenght 23,00 cm
  • Packaging 4
    • Laguiole table knives with solid ash handle (especially for dish washing) or handle in ebony. Designed by Andrée Putman.

    • Cheese knife with handle made from stamina wood.

    • These traditional table knives have handles made from local or exotic woods and are composed of a fixed blade with a finely decorated handle that includes the bee, one of the symbols of Laguiole knives. 

    • Meet the “Café Bras”, a knife designed by André Bras, brother of famed restaurateur Michel Bras and La Forge de Laguiole for the “Café Bras” restaurant at the Soulages Museum in Rodez, Aveyron. 
This dishwasher-friendly Laguiole knife is an ode to both gastronomy and to the art of painting. 

    • The table knife