Café BRAS table knife

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This is an exclusive Laguiole knife whose shape is subtly similar to that of a paint brush.    

The knife is distinguished by its dark dense wooden handle and offers a beautiful contrast with the light straight yatagan stainless steel blade. 

Set of 4 table knives, black handle made of composite fiber (dishwasher-friendly); blade, ferrule and ring are in stainless steel.

  • Packaging 4
    • Cheese knife with handle made from stamina wood.

    • This table knife is inspired by the capuchadou, ancestor of the Laguiole knife, a knife every child of the Aubrac region has heard of. These table knives are a reinterpretation of this ancient knife by André, Michel and Sébastien Bras.

    • Inspired from the Capuchadou, first knife manufactured in the Aubrac area, this knife was created by the designers A+B for the

    • These knives were specially created for a daily use. They ally the traditional lines of the Laguiole knives and the modernity of