Café Bras folding knife

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Pocket knife, 12 cm, black vegetal fiber handle, one stainless steel ferrule at the front, black leather lace. 

    • Cheese knife with handle made from stamina wood.

    • These traditional Forge de Laguiole knives with handles made of black or marbled cow horn have solid stainless steel bolsters.

    • This table knife is inspired by the capuchadou, ancestor of the Laguiole knife, a knife every child of the Aubrac region has heard of. These table knives are a reinterpretation of this ancient knife by André, Michel and Sébastien Bras.

    • With this knife, Forge de Laguiole has rediscovered its origins, and offers its enthusiasts an exclusive Aubrac cow horn knife with a ‘brut de forge’ blade, called the Forge d’Aubrac ®.

    • Meet the “Café Bras”, a knife designed by André Bras, brother of famed restaurateur Michel Bras and La Forge de Laguiole for the “Café Bras” restaurant at the Soulages Museum in Rodez, Aveyron. 
This dishwasher-friendly Laguiole knife is an ode to both gastronomy and to the art of painting.