Pocket knife acrylic by ORA-ÏTO

Pocket knife acrylic by ORA-ÏTO View full size

At the end of 2009 iconoclastic designer ORA- ÏTO and FORGE DE LAGUIOLE worked together to create a new design. Forge de Laguiole turned to this visionary artist to bring new life to its workshops.

It is with keen intelligence that he imagines this knife, the anchor to this new adventure, which reinterprets the smooth ergonomics of the legendary craft that is specific to the manufacture of FORGE DE LAGUIOLE.

This 11 cm pocket knife is made from white or black acrylic and in polished stainless steel.

    • This folding knife, named ‘The Samurai ‘was designed by Ora Ito for Alain Delon.
With this intergalactic folding knife, Ora-Ito pays tribute to this symbolic weapon. The knife’s radical modernity charmed the famous French actor, Alain Delon, who plays the leading role in the French 1967 cult movie entitled Le Samouraï.

    • Upon its release in 1988, this knife was selected by the Colbert Committee to be displayed at the Cooper Hewitt Museum as part of an exposition on French Art of Living from 1789 to 1989. Today, this knife is part of the permanent collection ‘Design at MOMA’ of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.