Sommelier knife with exotic wood handle, matte or shiny finish. Comes with black leather case and gift box

Available in 13 kinds of wood : olivewood, juniper, pistachio, snakewood, ebony, briar, light rosewood, thuya, walnut, barrel oak, birch, heart or bark of 5000 years old fossilized. 

    • These laguiole table knives are made of solid ash. They are especially designed for daily use and can be dish washed.

    • These traditional Forge de Laguiole knives with handles made of exotic wood have solid stainless steel bolsters.
We try to use wood that comes from forests with a PEFC or FSC certification. These international certifications ensure the proper management of resources and fight deforestation.

    • Laguiole sommelier knife with handle made of stag horn, shiny finish.Comes with a black leather case and gift box. 

    • Compressed fabric is a composite material made with colored fabric mixed with resin. It offers many bright colors.