Sand of "La Selves" river, stainless steel bolsters

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The sand that is used for the handle of this knife comes from a tumultuous river called “La Selves” that rises from the Aubrac Plateau and crosses the village of Laguiole.

As the landscape and the village, “La Selves” river has a strong character. Indeed, the abundant flow and the cold and pure water are the main characteristics of this river. Since always, the iron smith and the cutlers of Laguiole have used the river for their work. They used to temper the blades in this water to give them their famous solidity.

The sand of this river is a mix of grey and brown colors. The general shade of the knife is darker than its distinguished predecessor, the knife made of the sand from the bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel.

This new product is the perfect association of innovation and tradition thank to its handle made from sand melted with natural resin. This patented process has been established in collaboration with the company “Murs du Monde”. This is an innovator and unique process in world cutlery.

Pocket knife, 11 cm, 2 stainless steel bolsters, matt finish

This model also exists in table knives. 

    • When two icons of French heritage meet to retain time that goes by…
UNESCO has classed the Mont Saint-Michel as a world heritage in 1979. Second most popular tourist destination in France after the Eiffel Tower, the Mont Saint Michel Bay belongs to the very select club of the most beautiful bays in the world. 

    • Combining trandition and innovation, this knife is characterized by its sand handle. The sand is extracted from the Mont St Michel bay and agglomerated with a resin. This unique patented process made in collaboration with Murs du Monde. 

    • Forge de Laguiole returns towards its origins with this table knife made from the sand of “La Selves” river.
The factory of the Aubrac plateau presents knives that may become legendary : Table knives whose handle are made from the sand of “La Selves” river.