Airbus - Carbon Fiber and Acryl

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This exclusive knife has been inspired from the Airbus A350XWB that is the most design and technological actual airliner. The knife is produced in series with a “Manufacturer Serial Number”.

The design spirit of AIRBUS is the aerodynamic, the flexibility and the lightness of the structures. 

The advanced technology of AIRBUS is based on the utilization of soft and ultra-resistant materials. More than the half of the structure is made of composite material.

The knife created by Forge de Laguiole has a fluent design with curves that highlights the materials: white acrylic that represents the front of the plane and the carbon that comes directly from the AIRBUS.

Originally the carbon is used for the sail of the aircraft, on the knife it represent the back of the craft.

The spring is chiseled with Omega shape symbols that refers to the reinforcements of the fuselage of the aircraft.

The bee of the knife has the shape of the typical cockpit of this new aeroplane.  The outline of the plane is punched in the blade.

The numbering of the knife reminds the manufacturing sequence of AIRBUS: Manfacturer Serial Number

A fantastic article that all collectors, pilots and adventurer will enjoy !

Each knife is numbered and sold in a white box with a authenticity certificate.

Dimensions: 11cm, 2 stainless steel bolsters. 

    • These traditional Forge de Laguiole knives with handles made of black or marbled cow horn have solid stainless steel bolsters.

    • True icons at the forefront of technology, the creations of ORA-ÏTO are characterized by a clean look inspired by the original design. He brings a fresh look to these functional objects and makes sure they fit into today’s modern world.

    • This moderne material underline the traditional shape of the knife chiselled by hand.